Who is the master of your fate?...the captain of your soul?...

@kaitan (46)
January 27, 2009 5:57am CST
These are the last two lines from the poem 'Invictus'...I am the master of my fate ,I am the captain of my soul...Our life is a journey...we do not know what will come next...but as we go on with our lives...who do you think brought us right now from where we are and from what we've become?...who made all the decisios from the choices in our lives?....For me, I believe that I, myself, make my own life story. How about you?Who is the master of your fate?who is the captain of your soul?...
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@veejay19 (3591)
• India
27 Jan 09
When we are born we bring with us baggage from past lives which is known as Karma or destiny. These are the fruits of actions done by us in lives gone by and also are made of unfulfilled desires which did not fructify.We have to enjoy or suffer this karma in this life and we have no control over them but we have the power to direct our energy to either use this karma for our own good or to lead us to our own destruction.We can become the masters of of our fate if we take the appropriate steps or employ and use certain techniques whcih can help us to shape our own destiny in the future.