life sucks

January 27, 2009 7:05am CST
why and when life sucks,we all know enjoying your life is the best way to live it but sometimes its really sucks......
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• India
28 Jan 09
I know that sometimes it relly very hard to pass tme and fnd sme reason to live. During those times u should think of the responsibiities on u and whenver u will think of the people whose responsibility is on u then u will feel better. Secondly you should take inspiration from the reponsibilities that u can't take any harsh steps untill have done away all the responsibilities. I bet u will get a new reason to live and u will feel better. Lastly i would say f u can't find relief from the above two things then u can go for religious books like Bible, Bhagvat Gita, etc. They will surely help you. :) Sorry for the big lecture.
@aspnaren (314)
• India
27 Jan 09
Life is like sailing alone in a boat with lots of weight over.And sometimes the boat seems to sink and sometime moves on well.So evreyone of us should learn swimming.Hope you understood what I say... As we live, we happy to learn to enjoy all such troubles.When you make up your mind to enjoy all the times even when you are in trouble there is nothing bigger than that..
• Dallas, Texas
27 Jan 09
Your right about that - It is hard on these streets for sure! We just got to learn as we go and remember the things that suck - what we did to get in the Sucked up situation and avoid it at all cost from then on!
@MythiliK (141)
• Switzerland
27 Jan 09
Life sucks, when you really not aware of what precious things you hold in your hand, and keep looking at others... According to me, when people look at others life and keep sighing, they can never enjoy their own. I know it is easy to type here, but hard to follow. But once when we can achieve controlling ourself, then sure we can enjoy life.... Oops, sorry for the big lecture :-)
• United States
27 Jan 09
I agree that there are days when I feel really low. I try to prevent myself from getting that low by doing things I like (reading, drawing, writing, playing with my kids), but sometimes those feelings come no matter what. It's just one of those things that I have to learn to accept, but I keep reminding myself that, "this, too, shall pass." :-)