Can you survive eating only rice?

@tkleyr (407)
January 27, 2009 9:54am CST
can you survive eating only rice?we all know that rice is our primary food but the question is can you eat only rice without something into it or having a side dish?
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@garychie (157)
• Philippines
1 Feb 09
No, I can't but with just salt or soy sauce sprinkled over the rice is great. The thing is we need protein to go with rice. So it is still best to eat rice with viand.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
28 Jan 09
I am sure you can eat rice only if you prefer only one favor, but it will be tasteless to me, instead of enjoying your meal, it is torturing. Btw, i known a very 'thin' old man who like to eat rice only in most of his meal, he did survive a long! Happy mylotting.
@abee1020 (116)
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
uhmm personally i don't want to eat only rice.. but having no choice i think i can survive to that!.. just have water ok??!hahahaha..
@Pleiades (847)
• United States
28 Jan 09
I think we can. Not trying to sound mean or anything, but if people in third world countries can do it, so can we. Those of us who are blessed to be in a country full of abundance have grown spoiled with the amount of food we have and sinful with the amount we waste. There are times when I know my food is going to be stretched thin, so I think of rice dishes that will help aide that. For the main meal without anything in it, it would be hard for me. I like rice (if need to be as simple as possible) with just butter and salt. Otherwise, I love it as a side dish. *Pleiades
@Ganesh44 (5547)
• India
27 Jan 09
Yes why not rice is considered as alternative of wheat .I like rice very much . In India we have special rice dish called Rice Pulao it is very delicious I can live on only rice lol
@W3YL1N (117)
• Canada
27 Jan 09
Yeah, i think you can survive with just rice. However, you will get sick with just eating rice because you need something with the rice so it will taste good.