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@CRIVAS (1820)
January 27, 2009 1:21pm CST
Okay so I have watched all of the Spider Man movies and I have to say that I am a little dissapointed with the last one. I thought that there would be a little more action and a little more 'Bad' Tobby. Instead I found a pretty boring story line, lame characters and some pretty crummy acting. I did like the movie but not nearly as much as I liked the first two. What did you think of this movie? Did you like the characters? What would you have changed? What did you dislike about the movie? Do you think the next one will be any better? Will you watch the next movie?
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@killersss (639)
• India
31 Aug 10
well, my opinion is a bit different, i didn't like the second part of the spider man series. i think it was useless. the action sequence were not much as compared to the third one. in the third part there were 3 people who tried to kill spider man and in the second series only one was there. it's just my opinion unlike you i liked the third part not the second one. and m eagerly waiting or the fourth part to come and i will definitely watch that part as well.
@arunpatal (627)
• Germany
13 Apr 09
Even i have seen all parts and i found the last part much better then the others. I like all characters and dont want to change anything in it
• Poland
27 Jan 09
Hi Crivas ;) In my opinion, third part of Spider-Man movies was the worst. Why? Because the plot was too puerile and we're not young boys or girls. Story about the super hero- Peter Benjamin Parker, who becomes fomous and bad character, who must fight with him behavior and who becomes a good person again in the end... it's too simple, boring and predictable. If the plot had been more advenced, it would have been a good film. Do you agree with me? Of course I will watch next movies but I don't require something special. However... It still might be a good film which could be able to satisfied us ;) Regards Crivas.
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
27 Jan 09
It happens alot. One movie makes ALOT of money. So the movie powers that be see $$igns. I enjoyed the 1st one. The second one was fine. The 3rd was ok too. But not as entertaining as the 1st. When it comes to sequels it isn't always about the story but about profit.