How to get the perfect relationship! Do you know how?

January 27, 2009 3:47pm CST
Here are my thoughts about it! First of all find THE man! (not easy but he´s out there somewere) But it´s a hell to find him trust me i´ve tried for 32 years!!!!! Oki when you done that dont be TO nice at the beginning cause that you get to regret later.... Let the man chase you! That´s a challenge cause men WORK SO HARD their to tired to even move when they get home Don´t look TO good! they only think you have an other guy in your life and it can get nasty! Done that/ been there Don´t look TO bad! They won´t even turn in bed to kiss you godmorning not even want to be seen with you out! OK i just did notice that maybe the man i thought was my hero put a lot of bad thinking in my head! That maybe but he didn´t have to hit it in cause this is how i see it! Please give me som good thougths and some normal advice about it! Hug from me in sweden
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@lomasbee (30)
• Trinidad And Tobago
28 Jan 09
1.Check an astrologer,one that does your birth chart with addition of your TIME of birth.VEDIC astrology is excellent,very in depth. 2.You should have similar backgrounds,thats what the THE HOLY BIBLE means by being EVENLY YOLKED. 3.Balancing the 4 C's...Communication,Co-operation,Compromise and Copulation,not necessary in that order. P.S. I've been married to the same sweet woman for the last 26 years. My only Regrets...I didn't get married to her Earlier