Does the company you are connected with, is affected with the global recession?

@jlamela (4909)
January 27, 2009 11:53pm CST
The global financial crisis really gone very far nowadays, most well-known companies decided to close and declared bankruptcy, I am wondering how their employees managed to cope up with this financial agony. Thank God the company I am working with is in line of Education, so we are not affected much. How about you, are you affected and your company?
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@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
28 Jan 09
Interestingly, the company I am with, loves recession. That's because, we do reciprocal deals or barter trading. In times of today's credit crunch, businesses still has to go on. However, the ablility to conserve cash outflow is not something easy. That's why barter trading is recession proof. Although not many businesses are willing to give themself an opportunity to see how barter can work for them, there are just as many companies willing to give it a try. Today's barter trade is no longer traditional, but revolutionary and innovative. Global recession is a good time for us although it is not something pleasant.