Raw Foods: Why are you afraid?

United States
January 28, 2009 11:55am CST
I routinely eat raw food as I enjoy the fresh and raw flavors of many things.It also provide superior nutrition in many ways.However I do ingest things that many people seem to be quite fearful of including raw eggs,raw fish and raw or nearly raw beef. I also see people overcooking food to the poitn of being dry and leathery in the name of "safety".It destroys all the beautiful vibrant flavors of a perfectly cooked pieced of meat let alone raw ones. People are always telling me Im going to become ill or that Im going to die from it and many other fearful responses.I have done it for many years now on a very regular basis and have never once gotten sick from bacteria or food poisoning due to proper handling and preparation practices.I also find Im the healthiest and strongest person I know. Do you consume raw items such as eggs,fish or other meats? If not, is out of fear of bacterial contamination or another issue?
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