How do I increase my concentration?

January 28, 2009 12:19pm CST
I don't know why but, recently I see that it's very hard for me to concentrate even for a few seconds. I can't read a book and have to read & re-read a simple line in order to get the meaning. I discussions I hardly hear for a few secs then I'm off. But this does not happen all the time. Sometimes I'm engrossed at a discussion for hours without fail. While most of the time I'm just off. I'm just 30 and I don't think any other factor is involved (to the best of my knowledge). Can anybody tell me how to increase my concentration?
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28 Jan 09
You could be dehydrated because this can affect your concentration. Try and drink water through the day and have up to eight reasonable sized glasses. Have a bottle of water and sip it through the day. Stress is also a factor - maybe you just have too many other things on your mind and find it hard to sort out the info in your head. Clear your mind and get organised by writing a list of things you need to do. Check your sugar levels at the docs - you may have diabetes and this can affect your concentration.
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28 Jan 09
Good response. I like it as stress is one factor which I cannot handle well. I start getting panicky. I'm not at all a multi-tasker.