GH - so the catastrophy started today...I think

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January 28, 2009 6:15pm CST
So after 2 weeks of previews, the catastrophy at Port Charles finally happened lesat it started.. this is only Wed and the finale will be on Friday as to the whole concept of what happened. Anyway...I don't get it... that Earl guy was carrying the poison... but how? It was inside him.. how'd it get there? And how'd anything splatter up onto Matt like it did and how'd it fumigate to everyone in the OR? Did he have a bag of it inside him and Matt cut the bag open? What's the deal on that? I mean, Patrick saw it in the x-rays so something had to have been there, although I was watching for that and it honestly appeared that when he held up those films - it looked like the the image of a the bones making up a leg... I know they are props and all, but it really did look like a leg on those x-rays. I know as I have had knee problems nad I have seen my own x-rays and they sure did look alike! But anyway... There was Matt, Monica, Lela, Elizabeth in the OR. THey all passed out. Are they going to kill them all off? Seems they are trying to get rid of all the Q's as I bet they are going to try to bring in a new "main" family (remember when it was the Hardys and the Webbers!) Matt...would have been a good one to keep - Lela.. I liked her and they need a good "extra" to have on hand and Monica... with Alan gone, why keep her and Liz - she is a major character, probably let her survive. ANd they showed Kate collapsing at sonnys feet, so maybe they are going to let her die before she tells about claudia doing the Michael shooting, since they are going to kill SOnny off anyway... Anyone else have any ideas?
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