What would you do with workaholic partner?

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January 29, 2009 1:11am CST
Imagine if your partner is workaholic, if his first priority is work and you want to spend time with him/her. You are also doing job. and at the evening when you come back to home, n you will find that your partner is busy with his/her work, how do you feel n what will you do to take his/her attention??
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• United States
29 Jan 09
I think my hubby works too much sometimes too, but he never works over being with his family and for that I know I am lucky. One way to look at it is that your partner is working hard to provide for you and your family and that should make you very happy (or at least it does mean)! Happy mylotting!
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
Well, I won't expect that he knows everything I feel. I'll be open and tell him how I really feel. It takes two to work out a relationship. I will tell him that I understand that he loves his work and if he's doing it for me... it is much appreciated... But I love him and I want what I feel to grow... To make my feelings grow it needs his time and attention... I am willing to give him my time and hopes he will too... (I hope that works)... If words aren't that effective then do something for him to go home early like wearing something seductive while serving an irresistable dinner.... lol