Is online earning tuff then earning money in real life?

January 29, 2009 7:31am CST
I feel earning money online is tuff then earning money in real life and do not need too effort as well. whats your point of view?
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• Australia
29 Jan 09
I agree with your point of view. There are jobs that pay way more for an hour of easy work than slaving away at your computer trying to earn pennies. Earning online is relaxing and you don't really have to deal with anything or anyone, but overall it eats up a lot of time trying to earn a decent amount over many hours. I would say it's better to find a job out there than try to earn online. Unless you don't have choice and have to find ways to earn online. If you are talking about real work online, like freelance work, then i think there's still a decent amount in it because it requires skills and hard work to complete the job. Ideally, it's nice to stay home and earn a living salary as well but not many of us can achieve that or the work does not allow it.