Will You Join The No' Poo Movement?

January 29, 2009 10:56am CST
If you're pondering giving up using chemical laden beauty products like hair shampoo and conditioners, you're not alone. A growing number of North American men and women are experimenting with this idea, and their success stories are out there on the Web. (Google No'poo). Did you know shampoo didn't exist before 1930? The main reason to go no'poo is your health. We've all read the list of chemicals on the back of the bottle of shampoo and wondered what effect they have on the body. The chemicals do get absorbed through the scalp and into your bloodstream. It seems that the more you wash your hair the more oils your scalp will produce. If you stop using detergents on the scalp, it will return to its natural balance. Best of all, you will no longer need to use styling products. Well, I had to try this to see for myself. I have baby-fine straight hair, which means it has no body and won't hold a do no matter what products I use. Washed it yesterday under a hot shower sans shampoo. After air-drying I found it was very easy to run a comb through. No tangles. Seems the hot water distributes the natural oils right down to the ends. I didn't use the baking soda that some are using in place of shampoo or the cider vinegar rise since my hair is so fine. Looks like you have to experiment to find what works for you.
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@dvschic (1796)
• United States
29 Jan 09
i wonder it fit will work for my hair. i dye my hair often, so i've stripped the hair of some of its natural health properties. i'm just wondering, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE not to have to buy shampoo and conditioner all the freakin time. we spend at least 15 a month, doesn't sound like much, but I could definitely use that money somewhere else.
• Canada
30 Jan 09
Hi dvschic, It certainly won't hurt. Your hair is only as healthy as your scalp. Using shampoo strips all the natural oil from your scalp and hair.