Non Americans Only: What do you think of America and Americans in general?

United States
January 29, 2009 12:17pm CST
I always wonder what impression America and Americans give off to the rest of the world.I imagine it often isnt very good due to some of the behavior of americans abroad and the government among other issues. Is your view of them negative or positive? Have you personally had negative experiences?
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@Colmuc (708)
31 Mar 09
Well you did ask! In general I detest Americans and America. Whilst travelling I have had many negative experiences. Men coming into Executive lounges in top hotels wearing shorts, T-shirts and training shoes then talking so loudly everybody can hear them. If I was an American I would want to remain anonymous and be ashamed of my nationality. They are now hated around the world thanks to George Bush. I have hated him since the September 11 attack. His comment " you are either on our side or on the side of the terrorists" annoyed me intensely. I was totally against the terrorists but in no way on the side of the Americans whose attitude and actions had caused most of the trouble in the world today. How could so many people have been so stupid as to vote for that murdering clown a second time? I hope Obama can repair some of the damage. So far I like the man. Individuals however must learn some manners and not be so arrogant and annoying. I could go on and on but... I must admit that when I travel and somebody asks me where I come from, I now say "Germany"!. Bush's equally evil and loathsome puppet Tony Blair made me ashamed to be British. What is even worse, he was born in Edinburgh. I cannot hide for long though since my strong Scottish accent gives me away. So , young lady, I hope I did not annoy you personally but as always, I say what I really think. Maybe from the way you asked the question you were not expecting positive replies. Having said all this I do have a wonderful American lady friend and in the pre-Bush era had many extremely nice American business colleagues, some of whom became good friends.