never forget ur past

January 29, 2009 12:43pm CST
coze it gives u more to fight and survive its a experienced for and if we remember our past we will never do the same mistakes
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@talisman (1308)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I disagree. Whether your past gives you more to fight and survive is determined by what exactly happened in your past. If your past was happy and stable, and your life is still the same, what would you be fighting for or trying to survive? Probably nothing. As for remembering our past in order to not make the same mistakes, that almost never happens. It's pretty hard to forget your past, so most people do know what mistakes they've made throughout their lives. Does that stop people from doing the same thing over and over again? No! Most people don't learn from their past and it's nothing new. All you have to do is open a history book and see that we still continue to make the same mistakes generation after generation.
• India
29 Jan 09
thanks for u r comment i will surely think on words take care dear friend
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