Website or blog?

@dinos1 (204)
January 29, 2009 1:55pm CST
Which of the 2 do you prefer to have? A website or a blog? Personally, I prefer websites because you can post anything you want in any order you want, while on blogs you are forced to show your last postings first. Other than that, the layouts of the websites are more expandable than blogs... What about you, what do you prefer?
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@blion23 (404)
• United States
30 Mar 09
You get much more freedom with websites and can basically post anything that you want unlike blogs. You are also able to format websites that way that you want and can basically do anything that you want with it. I think that blogs are more interactive though which is why some people may enjoy them but I saw websites all the way. Good luck and happy mylotting.
@wqivblpk (20)
• China
7 Feb 09
I like a website rather than a blog,I myself have serveral web sites
• Turkey
7 Feb 09
I think, no blog: no website. YES WORDPRESS! Because wp is more usefull than blogs and liking websites. it've very different styles and you can create blogs liking websites. And you can create static pages, if you want.