How to be Success invest in NeoBux

January 29, 2009 7:53pm CST
Most of the people that concern in PTC knows about NeoBux the most outstanding PTC in the net, they paying instan payment all over their members without pending and they have a million of members. Can you imagine that they must really-really good to operate the program to survive for very long time. If you a standard member and click NeoBux advertisement i guaranted you will get an extra cash to your alertpay with easy way, let say you will get the first $2 injust 1,5 mounth and next payment was just $5. But if you trying to rent tehy reff and this will much harder you can achieve your cash. Why?, maybe you can earn a lot more revenue but you must spend it again to rent your reff in order to go on with your earning. And this was a problems it because when you rent refferals they not guaranted will clik the ads every days or may be your reff was only just inactive clickers that you bought. You never knows. My experiences tell me that and i want to share in this discusion, how about to succes in Neobux I guess we can do that don't we? Please share your opinion if you has one and i'm very apriciated for your opinion my friends. Let go to succes in NeoBux
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• India
30 Jan 09
hiii firzen79 great to meet you here.I was in neobux for a month.But now i reach my minimum payout that is $2.And i wish to transfer this to my Paypal account.I think to invest this in rented referals.And i wish to buy 10 of them.If we buy 10 referals even 5 of them wont them.Have you experienced about rented referals.Plzz tell me how they work.Now neobux had became a legit one and they are paying perfectly. I have only 2 of direct referals.And they are working good now.So to earn more fast i am thinking to buy rented referals.If they work good our earnings will run fast and we xan take our amount. happy mylotting....