Topic:There are a couple here:is talking,the girl is smiling,then what does the

January 30, 2009 1:56am CST
Then what does the man say to the woman on earth according to your image? A: You really attend to each and every espect of a matter and very clever. B: You are really lively and generous C: Your taste is very good,you always dress up so beautiful D: You are really gentle If you choose: A:hospitable is the moving type engaged in the self-operation undertaking or freedom industry,happy like surely feeling just like fish in water. B:careful,safe type will go to finish the work of handing over hard C:resist,person who rebel against,very talented You will give up easily never if you think what you do is right,and you will fight through till the end. D:the rational,knowing type Is suitable for and engaged in teaching and administrative staff's doing or judicial administation's relevant work.
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