Can you describe true friendship in your own words.........

January 30, 2009 2:11am CST
Friendship is a healthy relationship. Every body know that. But who is our best friend. And what qualities make a buddy like a best friend? Do you think so any time. I think about it because i have my best friend but now she is very far from me. But she is far away by the living station not from my heart. She is always in my heart and i also in her. We usually chat online and share our feelings and memorable moments. We talk on the phone and feel like that we are in our childhood. I hope we meet soon.
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• India
6 Jul 09
friendship is a good feelings that one can express their thoughts and they can share our joy and sorrows. they will help us in times of needs.a good friendship means trusting them and should understannd theor feelings...
• India
3 Jul 09
according to me a good friend must trust us. he should understand even nook and corner problems in our life.. we should be like that.. he should help us when we r in needs .. he must understood our situation... thank u
• India
7 Feb 09
Ya best friend is someone who can understand us at our difficult times and who can share our joy during the happy times. Well call him/her as best friend because we feel they are the "best" among the freinds we have. So for all of us our best friend is the one who can share our feelings. It is not that each and everything must be shared between the best freinds, but which ever the things shared between the best friends must be true. There is no place to lie in true and best friendship. Best friendship is a beautiful thing in our life. God don gift all the people true and best friend. If you have got a true best friend, then its better to think that u must me one of the luckiest person in the world to get such an ossom best friend. You are aboslutely right, you are away from ur best friend only in distance, not from heart. Nothing can making ur relationship break. Friendship is a great feeling in human life. And we are blessed to enjoy it. That too if we get a best and true friend in our life, we really feel happy and blessed. I feel so because all the people in the world dont get good friends, there are few people who feel they don have any with them to share their feelings. But when compared to such people, people like you and me who are blessed with true friendship are really lucky. I wish your friendship to still go a long way. happy mylotting:)