Testing:whether will you compete?

January 30, 2009 6:35am CST
In the test,the clouds,depicting,the height and radiates in subconscious in which self ability could reach the height,can also be interpreted as a future career began to point, the achivements and of course,it is also about yourself the delimit limits. 1:the top one 2:the second high 3:the third high 4:minimum,but two clouds If you choose: 1:objectives to high and long-term,but always not in business.Expose so,your future career achivements and is uncertain whether can hairline. 2:your career success promotion for 90!Maybe too expecting,sometimes it is hard to accept his negligence,the soul wandering in the valley. 3:although some tedious for small things will do utmost to,but you can always transfer of around one in the future success than i'd prefer to interests,born"Psychological information. 4:Temperament,emotional instability,although some have been hard for themselves or for their career,but hard work in a fixed position.
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