My sistor in law is over weight ...................

January 30, 2009 7:09am CST
My sister in law is 25 years old. And she got married before two years. She is over weight now. We did every thing to weight loose. But not got any benefit till now. She is really in a big problem because of her weight.
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• India
15 Feb 09
hey this so simple to control the dite and have some fat less food in a day i list out the daily food table 1. mor---apple juci 2. 11.00 -- two banana 3. 1.00 --- one set of chapathe 4. 3.00=-- two banana 5. 6.00 sand watich
@mmiller26 (1932)
• Canada
2 Feb 09
This happens to a lot of women when they marry. It happens to men too. It's called "settling in", or "I've got him/her now, so I don't have to take care of myself anymore." She isn't going to lose the weight until SHE'S ready to do it. And she'll need your support (not criticism) to accomplish that. She'll need to be eating properly (lots of lean meats, green leafy vegetables, whole grains--no junk foods or sweets, no white bread, pasta or white rice) and she'll need a regular exercise schedule. She should also see her doctor to make sure there aren't any medical reasons why she's not losing weight.