for how many reasons do you wash clothes ?

@tudors (1556)
January 30, 2009 8:40am CST
These days, I am enjoying washing clothes ! Hard to believe, isn't it? One main reason for this is due to the new addition of my automatic washing machine. Not only do i wash my clothes because they are dirty, more important is, for fun. In fact, I seldom wait until the clothes are quite dirty. Seeing my clothes are as clean as new is the true reason. It brings me content and satisfaction. Oh, one more reason, washing clothes helps to release burden. Let those old, dirty stuff gone makes me feel brand new and bright. And what are your reasons for washing clothes ? some other reasons? Welcome to share, my lotters.
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• China
30 Jan 09
It's really interesting to read your reasons .Well ,there are so many funny affairs in our life .one of my neighbor has some similar funny reasons for washing clothes.She likes washing new clothes.Her reason is that new clothes might be touched or tried by many persons ,and get dirty.So if she buys new clothes ,she will wash it immediately.
@tudors (1556)
• China
31 Jan 09
yeah, very good suplement . we cherish the new ones more.
@thaMARKER (3093)
• Philippines
9 Feb 09
I do wash my clothes once in a week. I wash everything I used within that week. I have an allergy and my doctor prohibits me to wear something I already dump into my laundry basket. I was never a good laundry anyway but I make sure I wear clean ones the next full week. ;)
• Romania
30 Jan 09
just one, because they are dirty :)