Do animals dream?

@Lindery (854)
January 30, 2009 8:48am CST
Which animals do you think dream? Why? I am interested in this questions as I never have heard about anything like this.
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@treviewz (66)
• Singapore
1 Feb 09
I think if I am not wrong, dogs do dream. But, I am not sure about other animals though. I had seen a dog dreaming as when it was sleeping, it just kept moving and made some noisy even though its eyes were close. It was a little weird I think. Scientist says that any life form that has a brain can dream. i read about an article that that had planted a microchip in its brain and saw its brainwave similar to the wave that a dream happens. Its kind of obvious to me and I agree that any life form that has a brain can dream as dreams do happens in our brain. I am not a scientist though but as long as it makes sense to me I just agree to it. So in conclusion, I think animals do dream when they are sleeping.
@zorlone (411)
• Philippines
31 Jan 09
I am a dog owner. I would like to believe that my dog dreams. And the same goes with the other animals as well...
@paid2write (5202)
30 Jan 09
It is obvious that a dog can dream. If you watch a sleeping dog you will see the legs move, it may even growl or bark as it dreams. It's interesting to know that rats dream. I think all mammals must do it. Not all animal species go to sleep, some just doze, so they may not achieve the depth of sleep necessary for dreaming.
@cambiste (1245)
• India
30 Jan 09
They probably do. In MIT, they conducted a reasearch on four rats. They placed microelectrodes into the animal's hippocampus, in the brain, and monitored the activity. They monitored the firing patterns of the neurons activity of the the brain and found the pattern of a creature running around a track. Im not sure how they produced the exact visual reproduction of that, as it was just neuron activity, but the brain was very much active when the rodents were in a state of sleep. Thats the scientific research's results, but even otherwise you can say the animals do dream, even if you may not have observed the Rapid Eye Movement(REM) humans have when they dream... Anyway, happy mylotting. I hope this comes near to answering your question.
• Mauritius
30 Jan 09
Yes they do. Researchers Dr Matthew Wilson and Kenway Louie at the Massachusettes Institute of technology selected four rats. They implanted micro-electrodes into the hippocampus,the region of the brain associated with memory. Then they monitored the firing patterns of neurons hooked up to micro-electrodes. The patterns were the same whether the rat was dreaming about running around on a track or actually running around the track. Maybe animals dream to relive or learn from experience.