experiencing more aches and pains lately

January 30, 2009 9:19am CST
hiya guys! well, as you may know, i am already approaching my 33rd week of pregnancy. and this week, i started to feel worse that i have ever felt during the entire time i was pregnant. as some of you know, it went pretty easy with me for the first trimester. but in the middle part of the 2nd trimester, i was diagnosed with ureteral stone and was hospitalized twice because of the unbearable pain. after i have gotten over the stone episode, which i just naturally passed out, i found out that i was already entering my 7th month and baby is getting really big already. this is my first pregnancy. the baby is getting heavy and heavy already. i find it difficult to breathe because i can't seem to stretch my belly any further. and the weight of my belly is pushing on my intestines, my butt, my bladder, my cervix, and pretty much everything else. and i look bloated, too. heheh i think this is the ugliest that i have ever been. just a couple more months to go...8 weeks to be exact....hopefully less. take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting!
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