Do you belive in God?

January 30, 2009 1:09pm CST
Do you believe in a God who can control your life? Or do you believe that God was only responsible for creating the world,and then left it to flow on its on?
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• Philippines
18 Feb 09
i believe that God created us like himself and that he wants to choose the right people at the right time to spend eternal life with him someday. i believe that he allows us to do what we want to do but also feels bad when we do things that hurt other people and are contrary to his teachings. but he is also forgiving and if we are truly repentant, he will still give us a chance to be saved from eternal doom. I believe God is looking for companions to whom he can share his paradise and grant his many blessings such as happiness, contentment, love, etc.
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
31 Jan 09
This is the question I really love to answer. Well with your answer, Take a look around you. your parents, all the furnitures inside your house or even try to look at the mirror. What do you see? Well those were just the answer to your question. Ofcoures God exist. He is the reason for eveything. He have the power to to things possible. And I believe on him.