change of name is expensive,..

@inuceres (342)
January 30, 2009 8:08pm CST
this is the story, and my friends talk about pass porting then we start to talk about the requirements of getting passport,..they said it needs,..your name must be same in your birth certificate and n.s.o birth certificate here in the Philippines,.. i realize that my birth certificate and n.s.o is not the same spelling of my name,..then i check it,..omg!!!! i am right, mother and i check it up to the n.s.o office,..(N.S.O national statistic office),..then they advise that if we change my name,.in gets a lot of money, letter misspelled is worth of 5,000 how about your lawyer,..needs pay too, name original spell is "GIRLIE",..and the misspelled is "GERLIE",...
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