Aging like fine wine...

@tjades (3592)
January 31, 2009 12:44am CST
There is this very lovely old lady I have known from childhood whose life as I know it is the epitome of this saying... Aging like fine wine. Sadly she passed away today and I can tell you she is such a fine lady that even the babes can testify to that. She was very kind, jovial, motherly and had so many other great character traits. Unfortunately she fell and hit her head yesterday. She lived alone (she's Miss Independent).She managed to help herself into bed but no one knew of her ordeal until later in the day when someone took some food to her. She tried calling out for help but no one heard. She was rushed to the doctor but passed away today. I think she is pretty close to ninety years old but was doing well aside from one or two complaints which comes with age. She was such a lovely lady . Her eyesight was failing but her hearing was so sharp. When we went past her house and called to her she was able to call back saying " is that so and so's daughter or son? Do you know any elderly person who you could attribute the saying... Aging like fine wine to?
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