who loves you more: your mom or your dad?

January 31, 2009 1:48am CST
I am the eldest daughter in our family.... Being so, I am given the responsibility to rear up my younger siblings starting from my early childhood days..... I have been helping my mom with all the household choirs.. She even tells my brothers and sister that I almost serve as their real mom when we are still young! I have been a good and obedient daughter to my mom! However, I doubt my mom's love for me... It seems she doesn't love me as much as she loves my siblings! Despite of being a good daughter, I am not given enough time and caress from my mom! She is much concerned with my younger brothers and sister! She always beats when I commit even a slight mistake... I am a battered child... And the thoughts of all those beatings and punishments from my mom still hurts me until this very moment! My life has been very critical in a hospital for three times but my mom never ever dare visit me even for a minute! Her reason: She still has three more kids to take good care of! Only my dad spares his time, patience and love for me.... It is unfair! My mom and dad are my parents! My mom is supposed to be more loving and caring as compared to my dad! My mom says she is my real and only mother... But why is she not showing me her motherly love especially during those hours when I am almost dying?...... Why does dad loves me more than mom does.. How about you, who loves you more: Your mom or your dad?
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