dark and white chocolate

January 31, 2009 4:41am CST
Dark chocolate --but not white chocolate ,-may help reduce blood pressure and boost the body's ability to metabolize sugar from food ,according to the results of a small study. but i like white ,has somebody tell what can i do ? and do u like white chocolate? thanks...
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@GAUCI123 (1042)
• Malta
31 Jan 09
I LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE TOOO... well keep eating white chocolate it is the best, if you want to reduce blood pressure well eat less salty things :)
• China
31 Jan 09
i don't like eat other kinds of chocolate , i just like white chocolate , i can eat plentifu white chocolate the whole day...
@autunno (350)
• United States
3 Feb 09
I love white chocolate but chocolate is chocolate..lol..I like dark and milk chocolate..I guess it depends on the mood that I am in..Whatever i decide will go with a big glass of ice cold milk! Yum!
• United States
1 Feb 09
I prefer dark chocolate. White chocolate is too sweet, although there are a couple of things I do like with it. Chukar Cherries has a dried cranberry coated in white chocolate and dusted with freeze-dried raspberry dust. They are still really sweet but quite tasty. And sometimes I like white chocolate covered pretzels.
@aweins (4203)
• India
31 Jan 09
hi my dear friend, i love chocolates and i use to eat a lot of them before. but now i have restricted myself a lot on them. because they have a lot of calories in them. and now i cant burn them. now recent studies have shown that eating chocolate may be good for your health. dont do anything. just start cutting on eating it. very little very little, very slowly, so that you dont know yourself that you are cutting on it. then, you will one day dont have that strong urge. i did it that way. my personal experience. i was a huge chocolate fan and it was difficult for me to stop. i did it that way and now i dont have that urge for it.