how to earn money in mylot

January 31, 2009 8:05am CST
hey,m new here and wanted to know how to earn more points/money here...da different ways to earn more and also i wanted to kno wts da maximum amount u cn earn in a day.....thanks
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@burki1994 (141)
• Turkey
31 Jan 09
You can earn money in myLot by posting responses and starting a new reponse.When u start a new discussion you earn money if they post response to ur discussion you will earn money i think.And myLot isn't only money earning place.There is lots of useful friends here.You can learn everything and improve yourself here.Wish you will enjoy myLot.Happy myLotting to all...
• Malaysia
31 Jan 09
FAQs - Earnings & Payment Information 14. What can I do to increase my earnings? 15. How do I calculate my earnings? To earn more money, every time you upload you new post, you must ensure that your new discussion under your "INTEREST" add up the related photo to your discussion, really help you more on earnings. Any new posted "DWNR"(Discussion With No Response) will make no earning, unless at least received one response. BUT, if received many Quality Responses; really making more earnings coupled up with Quality Commentaries chaining down in responses much much help your earning maximization. The greatest earnings on myLot is by your active referral, where you will be getting 25% from their total earnings figure. Remember, I used the words ACTIVE REFERRAL. So, what else to wait?...emmmm! got to find more referrals. To know your earnings progress, of course you have to wait for myLot to update your earnings account in every 24 hours interval. But one more thing, oogletoogle, asking member's earning in your discussion is violating myLot discussion guideline or fondly known here as DGL. Your posted discussion might be deleted, meaning all responses will waste their time and loss their earnings. For me, it doesn't matter as far as you know where to read DGL; and next time, please don't do it. I mean sincere in telling you about DGL.
• India
31 Jan 09
first of all welcome to mylot and i hope that you earn great amount of cash in her.there are many wasy to earn in mylot first of all is by posting discussiond like this one if you get responses then per response you get money its not fixed its decided by the also get money by answering to other peoples dicsussion you should post atleat more than 3 lines you get 0.01$ for 3l ines i have read that in the faq and the longer your response is the more money you get but you should not go out of topic you should say what is there in the discussion and dont give very small discussions the admin has become very strict nowadays and is deleting discussion give longer discussions to get saved.and dont post your referral links in here you should do that via messages to your friens posting your referral links here in discussions is illegal and you will face difficulities from te admin if you do that.your balance amount will be deducted.and dont worry mylot is not scam it really pays the admin is honest and dedicated in its work and you will earn more if you get referral in your downline you get 25% of your referrals earnings so that is just awesome and it will help you a lot the payout starts from 10$ i mean thats the minimum and is ver yeasy to reach so i hope you earn well in here and keep posting.all the best.happy mylotting.
@smacksman (6074)
31 Jan 09
Welcome to Mylot. I do recommend you read the FAQ and Guidelines links at the bottom of this page. When you do you will see that this discussion you started may well be deleted at some time in the future. Start another subject and have fun here.