is it just US?

google problem - a glitch?
January 31, 2009 9:26am CST
While googling something in google (errr) I noticed that there's this annoying phrase that keeps on appearing in every search I make. This site may harm your computer. I asked Nickie (a friend) about it, I even cared to give the link :)) When she checked it, TADA! there it is, present on her google also. (We're using mozilla firefox BTW) We checked Yahoo on mozilla, it worked. We checked Google on Internet Explorer, it didn't worked. That leaves us to the conclusion that Google has a problem in general. I asked another friend about it, she said her google is okay. Nickie asked her friend about it, she said it's POSITIVE. So what now? Is it a glitch? a virus? what? P.S. I'm not panicking. I'm just curious hahaha
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