The Hobbit, new movie

January 31, 2009 12:07pm CST
I've been following the upcoming Hobbit movie as its been discussed back and forth. Conflict between Peter Jackson and the studio. I'm glad they have finally begun production. I'm not sure splitting into 2 movies is a good idea, but I'm willing to admit i'm wrong if it works. I have just finished reading a great article about it in this months Empire magazine. Peter Jackson doing the producing and writing, with Guillermo del Toro directing is making me excited to see what they will produce. I thought Pan's Labyrinth was excellent. There was a lot of speculation as to who would be cast in it, though it was only speculation. I wonder what everyone thinks about the choice of 2 movies to tell the story, who they think they should cast in it.
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@AikaruJ (281)
• Philippines
1 Feb 09
for me, i would like the original casting of the trilogy. they have chemistry and they portrayed their characters very well.
1 Feb 09
Aside from Gandalf, and Gollum, there won't be many of the Lord of the Rings characters in the Hobbit. Yes Bilbo is in it, but it supposed to be Bilbo at the same age Frodo was at the start of LOTR. I complete agree though that Sir Ian Mckellan and Andy Serkis should play Gandalf and Gollum.
• Mexico
11 Oct 09
I don't think splitting the story in two parts would be a good idea- i hope to be wrong- because i see it as a whole. Maybe they decide this to buy "twice" in tickets and that's not right to make this things just for the economics reasons. Even with that I'll watch the movie and maybe Peter Jackson will surprise me with his decition
• United States
12 Feb 09
I dont think 2 movies is a good idea. The book wasnt nearly as long as the others. but it does have alot in it... still.......
@rsk721 (41)
• United States
31 Jan 09
I have to say I'm excited to hear that they are going forward with the movie. I think it might be awkward to put it into 2 movies. Where would one end and the next one begin? With the first 3 movies they were actually individual books so they had a definite ending and beginning. I hope they don't split it into two just to make more money.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
31 Jan 09
It was a rather long book. If they put everything Tolkien put into it then a single movie would be way too long for anyone to sit through in the theaters. 2 movies isn't a bad idea so long as they do as good a job as they did on the LOTR trilogy.