Isnt it sad when you come from a bad situation in a family

@autunno (350)
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January 31, 2009 1:37pm CST
and because you feel so desperate you stay in a abusive relationship...because there is no where else t go.Noone cares and family is totally out of yor life..What do you do...Depression ..Stuck..Is anyone out there in this situation? Help!
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31 Jan 09
Depression yes, but a bad family life? My mother and father both worked hard that I would never have to go through what they and their parents and grand parents went through. If I were in that situation? and there was truly noone that I KNEW personally who could help? I would start to try and find organizations that could help, such as individual churches (you would probably have to call several before you could find one that could help, and even then they probably wouldn't understand, But a good pentacostel church MIGHT help) or other organizations such as The center for Relationship Abuse Awareness (website : If that doesn't bring you to the website, try googling it?) They seem to have a lot of help tips :) This doesn't seem like a very hypothetical question, is it a hypothetical question?
@btrcooky (176)
18 Apr 09
I wonder about the hypothetical question as well.
@btrcooky (176)
18 Apr 09
I am not in that situation but yes it is sad. Are you there, autunno? Do you know someone you wish you could help? I know someone who was there for a while, she would not leave until she found another man to love her and I always thought she just needed time to be strong for herself before another man. But it wasn't my place to tell her. She found another man but she broke up a marriage to have him. Sad.