Any recommendations of TV series and movies? for English learning purpose

@ktosea (2027)
February 1, 2009 12:09am CST
Hi Native English speakers and other English learners,Good day.have you any good idea of some good TV series and movies for the study of English? I am a intermediary learner of English,recently I looked back and decide to improve my English skill because I feel that it's not enough for me to handle the native english speakers.still I have a lot to learn and improve.I need your advices,any advices which will be good for learning english.books,tv series and so on. You have any good suggestions?my requirement is 1.the series or movies themselves should be interesting and fantabulous because learning itself could include my appreciation.I have seen FREINDS,PRISON BREAK,HEROS,now I am intend to watching THE WEST WING which has a good reputation among the english learners in my country 2,the English be native and original because the time for me is also limited,I want to spend my time and energy on the most important things. Ok,that's all my demands,any advices will be appreciated thanks for your heads up and happy Mylotting:)
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• United States
1 Feb 09
You might enjoy Seinfeld. Its a pretty good show and its funny too. Not to mention it really gives you a good idea of how slang filled the english language is. Good luck with learning english and happy my lotting.
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@ktosea (2027)
• China
1 Feb 09
Thank you,I haven't seen that show yet,Seinfeld,I will make a note and try to get the files from internet.