@Ratris (79)
February 1, 2009 12:12am CST
As assigenment day on 20 th January 2009, Obama changes his live. Before he occupatted as Democratic elite. Obama so sure that he is the right one be American president.He was serious for campaign to win the votes. Because his rival like Hillary Clinton and McCain are American white. And Obama is American black. Seem difficult getting win for Obama. As America history never has President from American black. About intelligent,capabiity and leadership may Obama good enough for this. But how to lobbying the congres. I think McCain has more skill to succeed this lobbying. But maybe God have other plan. Or maybe God give special to him. This called "special gift" be President. In my opinion Obamas's victory is it achievment or miracle ?
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• United States
1 Feb 09
I believe that Obama's win is one of Great Achievement. It does seem fitting to call it a miracle but there are so many things that helped him become a President that has a more human aspect. Yes, he is the first African American to be voted into the White House, but in my eyes he was the most deserving of all who ran. He has so much more charisma than McCain. Also, thinking of McCain, to me it would have been George Bush all over again. He seems like he is for the exact same things that Bush was for and we as a Nation do NOT need any more of THAT!!! Obama is the perfect person for the Job. He's a fresh start that our Country so desperately needs! Yes, if Hilary Clinton would have won, it would've been a historical election too but I think too many people didn't want to see Bill Clinton back, even though he wouldn't have been the one in Office. Yes, Barak Obama is new and fresh and in my mind at least, I feel inspired by him and I think he will breed inspiration into all of our lives. He is the face of Hope and Change. Good Luck Barak Obama!
@Ratris (79)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 09
Thank for your respond. Maybe you're right that his achievement more than miracle(pure luck)