what if the earthquake happens when u r at home?

February 1, 2009 3:49am CST
A.Bring the emergency kit with you and hurry outside the house. B.Find a triangular area to make yourself save. C.Turn to your family for help. D.Just run out of the house and take away nothing. E.Rooted to the floor, do not know what to do. F.It happens frequently.There's nothing to worry about.It will be OK in few minutes. what do you think you will do ? Just choose one answer. For examle: you choose A, then please print A as your respond. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, YOU ARE WELCOME TO TELL ME YOUR THOUGHT.
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@kishusia (1069)
• India
1 Feb 09
It has happened twice in our present home. Once we were performing Havan when earthquake came. Fire was burning in Havan kund and we were offering aahuti in the fire with chanting of mantras by Panditji. The entire house stated shaking. This was the test of our faith in the God. We continued performing the Havan. Now we were also praying to God to stop the earthquake and save us. Slowly it subsided. We completed the Havan. After that we suddenly realized what has happened. We immediately switched on the TV and found it had caused heavy damage in other parts of the country.