The feeling of having a child

@tkleyr (406)
February 1, 2009 4:37am CST
what have you feel when you know that your going to be a mother? when my husband and I find out that were going to have our fist baby we don't know what to do the fear is there because having a child is a very big responsibility plus the fact that were not yet financially stable,we're afraid that we can give the best needs of a child..But there is no turning back we just do our best to give her all she needs, later on we find out that having a child is one of the best that you can ever have. how about you? what's your first reaction when you find out that your carrying a child in your womb?
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• United States
2 Feb 09
I guess honestly it would depend on which one. My very very first, who is now nine and lives with her father, I was excited though a little nervous at first. Then I got really worried because my husband did not really want a child and several people told me to put her up for adoption because we did not have much money. I decided that I would keep her anyway. I have never regretted that. She brought such joy to my life. Then when she was five I was pregnant again I found out at about 7 weeks and had a micarriage at 8.5 weeks. It broke my heart and marriage. My husband was basically happy about the miscarriage which was the laststraw for me. I then divorced him and met the man I am now married to. When I found out about our first one together I was overjoyed especially when I carried him to term and had a perfect little boy. Then when he was only three months old is wehn I found out I was pregnant again. That time I was happy in away I suppose,but we were not well financially and Our fist was still so little. so I was nervoud too about having two so close together. Then when sehe was born a beautifful little girl I was very happy. However she was sixmonths when I found myself pregnant again. This time my only real thought was that our familes would kill us. Everyone was more mad at us than anything and I was just stressed. I hat eto say that being pregnant with him brought n joy really. But our second little boy has brought lots of joy to our lives in his four months of being withus. I love all my children though the discovery of each pregnancy brought diffferent feelings.
@tkleyr (406)
• Philippines
2 Feb 09
Oh..we really have in common although i get pregnant again when my fist child is 1yr older,i don't know how to react at that moment im happy but at the same time so afraid of what were comes next after i bore this child, although were planning to have one after 5yrs but at this early i dont know if we can survive enough to give our child a good living. But we really love this child and hoping this one is a healthy baby boy..
• South Africa
1 Feb 09
I was once told that children are gifts and babies are rewards from God. In times when some women struggle so to have babies, we must cherish each pregnancy whether planned or not. I was ecstatic when I found out. And my 5 month old brings me much joy!!!