realizing things at one point in your life?

@hotsummer (10449)
February 1, 2009 6:21am CST
i have been in situation where i would realize that i should have not done some things or should have done some things instead in the past and there is nothing to do to change things any more. Have you come to that point where you would wish or definitely change things or your decisions if you can only change things or turn things around. we can all this as looking back to our past and getting hampered to our plans for the future. but somehow my mistake will hold me back to get on with life. But i know that no matter how regrettable those things or mistakes that i had made. that there is nothing that i can do about. i have suffered already those things i have went through. no matter how i wish that i never experienced the fact is i have been there and went through it. ANd i have realized the things that i should have done that could have save me much hearthaches and problems in life.
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