Best diet pills??

United States
November 9, 2006 11:18am CST
Who knows what the best diet pills out there are? I've tried pretty much everything, and they all work for awhile, but none of them work forever! Any suggestions?!?!
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@kcbabez14 (967)
• United States
9 Nov 06
well it all depends on you! what works for me was Zantrax, slimquick.. Trimspa does not work! it suxs! but you do have to exersice taking any diet pill even when it says that you don't.. you do! even if it's just going for a walk!
• United States
9 Nov 06
I know it! I do exercise and watch what I eat, but ya know I honestly notice when I don't have pills, I am always in the kitchen! I always feel hungry, and have no energy! I have tried all of those pills, and actually Trimspa, the whole line worked for me, but my body got use to it, so I had to switch! And now I'm looking to try something new!
@jennp204 (231)
• Canada
14 Nov 06
Hi there, 2 different diet pills that have worked for me were Hydroxycut, and NV. Hydroxycut: pros: works well, without changing your diet, or any extra exercise cons: made me very moody and irritable like PMS 24/7, you have to take 6 pills a day, it took 5 weeks before I started losing weight I lost 20-30 pounds in 4 months without any extra exercise, or modifications to what I ate. I ae whatever I felt like eating NV: pros: only 2 pills aday, starts working after a week or so, no mood swings cons: I only lost 5 pounds after taking them for a month I didn't do any additional exercise or diet modifications and lost 5 pounds, and didn't get short tempered and irritable like I did with hydroxycut.