Ever wonder?

February 1, 2009 11:58am CST
I always happen to find myself dazing of and wondering about something, usually it something i clould invent or achieve, i am a heavy thinker. does this ever happen to anyone else who find themselves suddenly day dreaming but with a lot of thinking and not imagination.
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• India
1 Feb 09
hei!! i'm a thinker too bt nt as u r bt.,.,once i remember that i was crossing the road nd i was so busy in maa thinking process that i forgot 2 cross at the middle of the road.,.,it was my luck that i was with my freind!! nd yes sometimes when i talk to ppl i'm nt able to hear em just i can see is lips r moving!!
1 Feb 09
same, and then i come back when they touch me or speak louder.
@kholid78 (341)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 09
Hi Abdul so do I, even I had experienced both of them. Because beside I am a heavy thinker I also an illusionist. lol
1 Feb 09
Hi, thanks for reply. i think its a usefull skill if focused on something.
@bows280 (184)
• Romania
1 Feb 09
daydreaming yes but with imagination