How do you keep eyes health?

@njblair (230)
February 1, 2009 8:58pm CST
Hi all mylotter!Do you worry about your eyes?As we know,eyes are much important in our life.They help us read books,surfer on net,watch TV etc.So I wonder How do you protect your eyes?Could you tell me? Best wishes and have a nice day!:)
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@moneymaya (901)
• India
2 Feb 09
hi njblair , it true that eyes are so important for our life and its also need some care for that I can suggest you some following tips -eat fruits and vagitable in which contains Vitamin A , like carrot & papaya -during the use of net take rest of five mint after avery one hour -do not stare continuely and make a practice of bliking eye while using net -wash ur eyes with cold water 3 or 4 time in a day hope this would help you thanks for sharing
@Lindery (854)
• Latvia
2 Feb 09
I look after my eyes buy resting them at evenings, as my work is with computers I really need a good rest. I drink lots of fresh carrot juice which contains lots of necessary vitamins for a good eyesight.
@youless (94356)
• Guangzhou, China
2 Feb 09
This is also a complicated topic, my dear friend:) And it is easy to say than done. Just keep away from the TV and computer. Do not read so much in the darkness. Having the eye exercises sometimes. Eat more foods contain Vitamin A will be good for your eyesight. I love China
• India
2 Feb 09
well i believe i am one of the few people who have actually used their eyes to their full potential.. i am an avide reader and i surf online a lot. So i was always afraid that my eyes would get ruined and that i would end up wearing specs. This fear made me take some extra care like making sure that i blink atleast 3 or 4 times in a minute, have carrot juice, get atleast 7 to 8 hours sleep daily. These are a few methods that are helpful. Try it.