from Bush to Obama-Will the Legacy remain same

February 2, 2009 3:11am CST
One fine day, i have had nothing to think about-but Obama. I was pondering will Obama give it's fellow American citizens the hope they have been long yearning for-atleast a decades. His last sentence during the victory speech was- "Change has finally come to America". Over the time, that was something complex and perplexing. You know, it's not easy to do things than being said. Do you think this sentence will remain or just pass away with his presidency? I like this New President-his policies, idealogies, theories-lamost everything. But, apparentely I'm not too impressed. At most I feel he will be just like Bush, but a little more better than Bush. One thing more, Don't you think Obama is concious about being very Soft when it comes to terrorism. Esp-the bringing down of Guantanamo Bay. Sometimes, i think the new president must appreciate and adapt old policies instead of tearing it apart. This bringing down of Bay will only encourage more of terror and in-human activities besides resisting them.
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