Is a girl and a boy just be good friends or not...............

February 2, 2009 6:51am CST
It is a normal thing to the friendship of a girl and a boy in todays life. Both work together then friendship is very common. But is it possible that they being only true friends, In between both of them there is no possibility of any other relation? i am not against this type of friendship. because i believe that the boy and girl also have a healthy relationship.
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@margaux08 (1094)
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
Hi punmsharma, Personally I believe that platonic relationship still exists.I have a guy friend who is my close friend. Like me, he is also married with 2 kids. We share the same passion in music, probably that was the reason why we became close. He reminds me of my youngest brother. Probably I miss my brother so much that I can relate to this guy. At times he knows what i'm thinking and vice versa that we complete each other's sentences. We often argue everytime! But at the end of the conversation, I learned something from him and I hope he's also learning something from me. But being romantically linked together? Naaah!!! I don't think so!
• Canada
12 Feb 09
i beleive that a guy and a girl can be best friends and it not be anything more but it can become a problem if the guy or girl have partners and they may not like him/her to spend time with you.
• China
3 Feb 09
Of course a boy and a girl can have a healthy relationship.I always think so.I have many male friends and get along well with them.We often talk about any topics with each other.It can let me feel comfortable when i talk with them.We all care for and help each other.It's healthy and truth friendship.
@twinklee (895)
• India
2 Feb 09
Ya, It is really possible friend! It all depends on both the ends. I have seen many like this. Even after both their marriages, a guy can have trusty and smooth friendship relation with a girl! Mutual understanding is what required. But in fact, these relationship are being spoiled by the words of the society. They blindly talk ill of the relation between any boy and girl! One should not bother about the society's eye., inorder to have a healthy relationship take care
• United States
2 Feb 09
Males and Females can no doubt be friends. However, the true connection between them is whether or not there is a slight attraction to the other person. Males tend to not be friends with females that they are not attracted to in at least some small way. And females generally are friends with males that make them laugh or give them some form of security in the relationship. It is almost as if we choose the friends we would be comfortable having relationships with, and tend to avoid those that we would not be comfortable with. In some instances this is not the case, as when kids grow up together and have always been around the other person. These friendships are not based upon the primal urges but on the basis of this person always being in ones life. Even I have to admit, most of my male friends have been people that I have been attracted to, even in some small way; thought we never dated. My male friends could also agree, and some have, that they usually stay away from a female (even as a friend) that they would not date, or if they do not find something pulling them towards her.
• India
2 Feb 09
of course it can be a very healthy relationship.... i believe that the strength of any relationship depends only on the people involved in that relationship. that said, sometimes, it might get a bit uneasy for both of them if the people around start misunderstanding them.........well, it also depends on the place they are in and the kind of culture around.... but now-a-days, i guess, its accepted.
@burki1994 (141)
• Turkey
2 Feb 09
Its normal friendship i think.Today boy can be friend with girl just normal friendship.And i think its healy too they won'T fight like boy-boy.They will talk go to cinema and enjoy theirselfs.I think its good relationship.And there are lots of friendships like that...