New Year Resolution

February 2, 2009 7:34am CST
Its well past a month in the new year. And many might even have forgotten their new year resolutions. Whatever may be your resolutions - have many times have you broken them in the past 30-32 days. And how many times you have ragained them again?
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@joniebee (182)
2 Feb 09
Hi abhi-bangal,I personally don't make new year's resolution's and after a recent article i read i am very glad i don't.The article was stating how making new year's resolution's is very bad for people because they will often set themselves something to expectant and fail,Which is so true,The vast majority of resolution maker's break their's very quickly,Espeically if it's to quit smoking or something similairly difficult to do.So given these pitfall's of the resolution it was highly recommended to avoid setting them,Thus avoiding the near definate disappointment that await's you.