Need some input on my blog!

February 2, 2009 10:51am CST
Okay, so I have recently started up a blog about money making. Can you check it out, and tell me the good/bad points of it? And if you can, it would be helpful for you to tell me what other things i could write about. It's here: Thanks!
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2 Feb 09
I would love to! WIll have a look at it now. Btw its against the rules to post links in discussions. Just place the link in your profile and ther will be no problem =p cheers!
2 Feb 09
Thanks for looking at it! :) Will i be suspended or anything for posting the link btw? I didn't realise... :S
2 Feb 09
By the way.. i cant seem to find the Sign up link at lightspeed. Help D=
3 Feb 09
you are from the uk aren't you? thanks for spotting this error, i have fixed the link! you can sign up now, as long as you are from the uk. have you any tips btw on how to drive traffic to my blog? greatly appreciated.