Losing the remote control dont you just hate it when that happens?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
February 2, 2009 8:24pm CST
Sometimes I lose the remote control like I'm sure every body dose sometimes, and its kind of annoying when that happens, because I have cable and the cable box I have isn't really made for manual tuning or channel changing, because some cable boxes dont have any buttons on them, so when I lose the remote I cant really change the channel even if I try to change the channel myself, thats why I hate it when I cant find the remote lol, and one of the first places I look is under the couch cushions becuse most of the time thats were it is but sometimes its not there, and I have to keep searching only to find it some where right under my nose lol. Don't you just hate it when you lose the remote?
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• Australia
3 Feb 09
I am shocking and am always losing the remote. My boyfriend even got my a remote holder thing that attaches to the bed, but i always forget to put the remote in there. I think the weirdest place I have found the remote would be in the kitchen which is about 20 metres away from my room lol.
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• United States
3 Feb 09
I do not like when this happens either. This happens at least once a day. Especially when the kids have it they never know where they put it either. I have threatened to tie it to a string and attach it to the TV where it cannot be removed but have not done that. It could get annoying too. LOL
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@AbbeyB (670)
• Spain
4 Feb 09
We are forever losing it I think we should stick it to something and the worst thing is we have a few of them and we manage to lose them all lol
@proudnana (192)
• Canada
4 Feb 09
hi there, That's not the only thing I hate, I also hate when the batteries run out and have to recharge the batteries before you can use the remote control again. ~proudnana~
@Humbug25 (12551)
4 Feb 09
Hello apples99 It's not me that keeps on losing the remote control its the kids!! Everytime I use it I put it back on the telly because I generally watch the same chanel and the kids use it to get the right chanel for the PS2 and then leave it on the floor and they knock it with their feet and it usually ends up under the settee or under something but I get them to find it. I have found it in the fridge before now but that would have been me to to do that. I have kept it in my hand and gone to the fridge to get a drink or something before settling infront of the tv and then can't find it. It was a couple of days before I actually found it because for some reason I didn't think to look in the fridge for it!!