Is ebay still good for making money?

United States
February 2, 2009 8:37pm CST
Is it still easy to make money on ebay? I think for most people, unless you're organized, you're not going to have an easy time competing with companies or even the classified. I tried to sell a Fender PD-250 on ebay and no one wanted to buy it. Maybe I didn't set the reserve right, or advertise it enough. However, when I tried to put the same item on Craigslist, people started popping out of the woodwork to see it. I think that ebay causes the "small fish in a big pond" effect, what do you think?
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• United States
3 Feb 09
I dont know because everything seems to be a gamble. If you auction something you can sometimes sell it below whats its worth. If you dont send item then your rep seems to go down and makes you a bad seller. But the good thing is buying because you can buy really cheap stuff. I like the bidding thing because I get to buy things cheaper then what they are worth buying it at the store. I mean more then 50 percent of what its worth at store. Its pretty amazing, I hope to use ebay the rest of my life depending on what I need. Its a pretty big community just hard to find trustworthy people.
• Brazil
3 Feb 09
I've just tried to sell e-books through ebay and did work. Work very well xD I just keep it there for the unlimited time until someone come and buy it :p I suggest you to keep trying.. Me for example use to buy items there with payment through paypal and auction. I try to buy the one that still no much time to end. That increase my chances to win the bid :D This is the way i use to buy items there... i hope it give any idea to you sell your fender. Regards from Brazil, Scorpionok. sry the bad english xD