Have anyone got paid from Perfect-Bux

@itssahil (132)
February 3, 2009 2:55am CST
Hello friends, I am a beginner in perfectbux and am planning to purchase a special package of referrals and 6 months premium membership. But before that I just wanted to confirm that will it be good or not. so I wanted to know that whether anyone has been paid by this site so far. One question more in my mind is that when I purchase a package then the referrals are for one month only or for the duration equal to premium membership. And can I buy more referrals together with membership.
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• India
3 Feb 09
as a new beginner of perfect bux i dont recommend you to buy the membership there and also not to visit the site, as the site has a minimum payout 20$ for the standard and also 10$ for the premium and then upto 50$ minimum payout so i recommend not get into trouble by investing this site i had seen some of the people quitting this site so even if you rent the referrals the referrals will not be active , so dont invest in the site , instead i recommend you to join in the site like neobux, unobux, smithbux etc these are good sites and you can find the links in my site , if you want to join there
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
Based from comments coming from other account holders, these are what I gathered: Usually on your 4th payment with perfectbux, they'd ask for identification before you can get your money. Not just basic personal information, but confidential info that anyone can use to disguise as yourself in order to access your alertpay/paypal accounts. That is so creepy. Members from some countries may also be required to become premium members to get their money.
@afmshajib (197)
• Bangladesh
20 Oct 09
I'm afraid it's a scam site. I tried here also but didn't paid me at all. But you can try myTalkBd.com it pays. goodluck