what are the exercise that one could do in the home

February 3, 2009 4:01am CST
as i am working ,i can't spend time for gym.so please suggest me some exercise that i could practice in my home.i can spend 30min for exercise
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@laurahen (596)
• Canada
14 Jul 09
If you are at home try to do household chores (dishes, sweeping, picking stuff up) but do it really quickly. Run around doing it and pick up your heart beat. Try do small things like sit ups. If you spend time sitting around tense your bum for about 30 seconds and release. By doing this you use the muscles that you don't use too often. If you repeat this then you can get a more sculpted bum without too much effort.
@eych24 (56)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
If you have dumbbells, lift them for a few minutes every morning. Also try jogging in place, and do crunches and stretches. Just remember that weight-lifting is just as important as cardiovascular training. Other options are yoga (check out videos on YouTube) and yes, housework.
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
3 Feb 09
i read somewhere that doing housework like mopping the floor, washing the dishes or just spring cleaning does help burn loads of calories. If you want, you can get a hula hoop and that is also a source of exercise. just be consistent in my point of view. If you're living in a high rise buildding, take the stairs instead of the lift.