Earning online - how to find out if it is a scam?

February 3, 2009 4:15am CST
I recently started looking out for opportunities to work from home and that's when I decided to use the internet for this purpose other than just checking mails and engaging in social networking. I was actually shocked to see a zillion websites pop up on the search engine when I typed "work from home opportunities". Most of the websites promised 5 figure paychecks and that too for working for about 1-2 hours per day. I was zapped! Was this really possible? I thought I found the opportunity of a lifetime ... but later realised that most of the websites out there were a scam. Finding the right website was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Considering that I was new to the online world of making money, I was completely lost. Thankfully, I came across a couple of websites that helped me make a wise choice. These websites are not only for online fraud, but otherwise also. Here they are: - www.scamvictimsunited.com - www.scamwarners.com - www.fraudaid.com I hope these websites come in handy for you guys as well. Also, I would like to know if anyone knows any other websites that help us in a similar manner.
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• Philippines
3 Feb 09
Hi Chitsank, The 3 sites you mentioned is of great help but. further validate if the site is a scam you better check the forums. If a site do not have a forum then you might consider it as a scam. secondly if they are requiring you to pay. then it is definetly a scam. another point is when they require you to provide your credit card records, personal records, e-mail etc. In addition to the site you have mentioned not all listed sites are scam. There are also sites that didnt't produce enough income to sustain the payment for its member thus it was forced to close down. all of this are on a case to case scenario. to prove it as a scam you must trry it. but beware only try those sites that do not require nay poayment form you. happy lotting
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@lifeplayer (1009)
• Malaysia
6 Feb 09
Well, normally i use search engine to help on check the scam. Basically i just googling and see what is the feedback from the public. By input the "website name & scam" will get me the result. Once found many negative feedback, then i wouldnt join that site
@minfas (878)
• Sri Lanka
5 Feb 09
Before joining a site check if they have a forum. See if they have payment proofs that was paid recently. See if the admin is there to answer questions in forum rather than the moderators. If all the above are there don't think it isn't scam. It might change any time to a scam site. So be careful before you invest anything.
• United States
3 Feb 09
Before you even start being active on a website you have to look around forums and anti-scam sites to make sure that site does not rip people off.