Abuse, Love, Freedom

@become (89)
United States
February 3, 2009 9:10am CST
Okay my lotters...I am going to express a relationship that I have decided to move on. I have never been in a relationship where the other person was abused and then carried those abusing tactics into "our" relationship and felt like I was being abused. I have come to the point, that the person has to go. How do I express this to the other? Should I care or continue and rebuild my self preservation.
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• United States
3 Feb 09
Start by saying, "We need to talk." Then, in a tactful, yet firm way, tell him/her how you feel. Has this person known that you have been unhappy with the relationship? How long? Don't stay with a person who makes you feel abused. Has there been domestic violence issues? I strongly urge you to call the Cops. That way, no-one else is victimised. The person needs to pay if physical abuse was involved. Then the person needs some serious help.
@become (89)
• United States
4 Feb 09
I tried that several times. The relationship seems to be escalating and it seems I have been so oblivious that it smacked me in the face, literally and physically. I am all about understanding but screw that.
@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
5 Mar 09
You already made the decision that the person has to go. But it's obvious you haven't talked to him/her yet. So I guess, whatever we will say here, that will never change what you already decided. If I am to step in your shoes, I guess I would have directly talked to her/him first about the problem before making the decision. Because with that preliminary talk, it would have been easier to tell her/him that "It did not work out so it is best that we proceed on what we have agreed before. We have to go our separate ways to find ourselves again." Since we can not bring back the time, the fairest thing to do is to tell him/her honestly that you want to move out of the relationship. Just pick-up the right place and the right timing/mood where and when you will tell the news.